How do I schedule an appointment?

The first step in the tattoo process is to choose your artist and look at their individual booking policies on their Instagram accounts.  If you don't know who you'd like to book with, you can fill out our contact page and we will send your inquiry to an artist who is available. 

Anna Sica - @annatattooer 

Lori Shaw - @bizarrelyenoughtats

Taylor Moon - @taylormoontattoos 

Dom Rabalais - @yourbodyforever 


Some artists may not currently be booking, so look out for an auto-reply email for more information.

Our shop is open by appointment only. Each artist works on their own schedule.


When is your soonest available appointment?

Each of our artists have their own schedule. There may be a waitlist to book an appointment. Sometimes it can take us a up to a week to respond to an inquiry. Please be patient! We are a very busy shop but do our best to accommodate you. 

What is your deposit policy?


In order to book an appointment, you must put down a non-refundable deposit (amount varies depending on the artist) which will be deducted from the total cost of your tattoo at the time of your appointment. The artist you book with will let you know their booking policies. 

When will I see the drawing for my tattoo?

Due to a high volume of clients, we do not send drawing previews in advance. Your design will be ready for you at the time of your appointment, and plenty of time will be available for you to request any changes you would like. We don't make any exceptions to this policy.






How much will my tattoo cost?


The cost of your tattoo will vary from artist to artist. Please check with your artist about their rate and let them know if you have a budget. The hourly rate will be between $125 - $195/hr with a  $100 - $165 minimum. Your time starts once we begin your tattoo. Due to many factors, it is difficult to estimate what the exact price will be; but some techniques can be more time-consuming than others as well as certain locations on your body. For example, thicker lines and fewer details take less time than stippling/dotwork or realistic drawings. If you are on a budget, your artist can let you know which styles might fit within it. 


*Rates are subject to change at any time. 



Can I bring a friend to my appointment?

Due to having a very small studio, we do not allow guests during appointments. If you have someone accompanying you from out of town there are several coffee shops right next door where they can wait for you during your tattoo. If you have extenuating circumstances please let us know. 

How do I care for my new tattoo?

Detailed aftercare instructions will be provided for you at your appointment, but it's important to know that sunbathing, swimming, heavy exercising etc, is not recommended for the weeks after you get a new tattoo so it's good to plan accordingly.

It's also a good idea to wear loose fitting and dark clothing to avoid your tattoo getting rubbed and your clothing getting stained. 

Do you accept Credit Cards? 

Arrowhead Tattoo accepts cash and Venmo. If this is an issue for you please let us know and we can try and accommodate you. There are ATMS within walking distance to the studio. 

How should I prepare for my appointment? 

It is recommended that you eat a full meal prior to your appointment, as it's not uncommon to feel light-headed during your tattoo. Avoid drinking the night before and the day of your appointment, as well as taking any blood-thinning medications such as painkillers. 

Wear comfortable/dark clothing that will allow easy access to the area you plan on getting tattooed. 

You cannot get tattooed if you are pregnant or nursing.

Should I arrive early? 

Please be on time for your appointment, or no more than five minutes early. If you are more than 15 minutes late for your appointment, it might have to be rescheduled. 

Will you tattoo another artists work? 

We will only tattoo our own work. Please do not send another artists work as a reference. We want to create something special and unique just for you!

Is there anything you won't tattoo?

Each artist has their own preference on what they will tattoo. Our shop will not tattoo any racist imagery, and we reserve the right to refuse service to anyone if we so choose. 

Should I tip my artist?

Absolutely! If you are happy with your tattoo you should let your artist know by giving them a tip. They work hard at what they do.