Originally a fine artist, Anna owned a traditional tattoo studio and became interested in permanent cosmetics as a way to help women feel more beautiful and confident. She has always been interested in makeup and beauty and her background as an artist allows her to see clearly what is most flattering for her clients in terms of proportions, coloring and facial morphology. Her knowledge of tattoos allows her to create the most realistic and natural looking permanent makeup. She is licensed, OSHA certified and has been in the industry for over six years with micropigmentation training and certification from Beauty Everlasting in New Jersey. She recently moved back to Iowa from New York City, where she worked at the reputable Amy Kernahan Studios. In 2017 she attended the Advanced Microblading Course with Audrey Glass in Los Angeles, CA. Audrey Glass is one of the leading microblading artists in North America and was part of the famous Studio Shashiko in British Columbia. You can currently book an appointment for permanent cosmetics with Anna at Arrowhead Tattoo Shop in Fairfield, Iowa. 


What is Microblading?


Permanent makeup is the art and science of implanting color into your skin. It is putting the right color in the right place so you can look better naturally. Carefully applied, it is a safe and controlled method. The result is permanently waterproof, hassle-free, and natural looking makeup. 

Specialized instruments allow your micropigmentation professional to place color into the layer of skin known as the dermis. Because the outermost layer of skin, the epidermis, is always shedding and renewing itself, you are looking at the color through a thin veil of skin. When a procedure is first completed, the color will appear darker than the final result. The color in the top layer will flake off during the healing process lightening the overall effect. 


Permanent cosmetics is not necessarily intended to replace cosmetics completely and microblading is a semi-permanent procedure that lasts anywhere from 1-2 years, but is a great way to look like yourself, only better, without the added time of a daily makeup routine. 



This procedure can add fullness and definition to thin or sparse eyebrows. Permanent eyebrows frame your eyes and lend expression to your face. Soft, feather-like strokes can be blended with existing hair for a natural look or create a shapely brow from little or no hair at all. 



Permanent eyeliner can be anything from a soft haze to a darker, more defined effect. With this procedure, you always wake up looking your best. This is the perfect answer for those with allergies, contacts, eye problems or difficulty applying makeup. 



Permanent lips can give more fullness and definition to the mouth, as well as correct an uneven lip line. It can even minimize the appearance of wrinkles. Lip Pigment can create a natural tone or a more visible color. 


Other Options

In addition to the most commonly requested facial cosmetics, permanent cosmetics can be used for skin re-pigmentation and nipple/areola re-creation.


Does it hurt?

Although pain sensitivity varies, the application of micropigmentation involves minor discomfort. Topical anesthetics are used during the procedure to make sure you feel comfortable. The procedures range from 30 minutes to 2 hours.

 How long will your makeup last?

Micropigmentation lasts a long time, but not forever. As you become accustomed to you new makeup it's not uncommon to want more. You will want to freshen up your new makeup every couple of years. The darker the color the longer it will stay unchanged in your skin. Natural, delicate colors are oftentimes more vulnerable to the effects of the sun and breakdown by the body's natural exfoliation over time. 


Is permanent makeup right for you? 

Permanent makeup makes it possible to look better around the clock and to be less self-conscious. 


When you look better, you'll feel better. Plus you'll have more time and money to spend on the things you want— time with your family, leisure activities, and that much-deserved beauty sleep. 


Great  Reasons  for  Permanent  Cosmetics:


1. Convenience. You just need more time

2. Sensitive skin or allergies

3. You wear glasses or contact lenses 

4. Arthritis or painful hands

5. Difficulty applying makeup or you don't like the way it smears or disappears

6. You'd like more defined or pronounced brows, lips or eyes

7. Active, outdoor lifestyles

8. If you like a natural "no makeup" look

9. Hair loss from alopecia, chemotherapy or cosmetic surgery


Length of each procedure:

Eyebrow: 2 hrs

Lips: 2 hrs

Eyeliner: 1.5 hrs

Touch up: 1.5 hrs

Consultation: 30 minutes


Price  List:

Eyeliner Upper Only: $300

Eyeliner Lower Only: $150

Eyeliner Upper and Lower: $400


Eyeliner Touch Up: $150 and up 

Microblading for Eyebrows: $400

Eyebrow Touch-up within 12 months of your last appointment: $150

Touch-up between 12-24 months: $250


Lips Full: $500 

Lip Liner: $400


Lips Touch Up: $200 and up

(*clients who come 3-6 month following their initial procedure receive a free touch-up)